I use the Wellbeing deck of cards from the Travelling series for all reading purposes.
I love travelling because it widens my lens and enhances daily living. Since 2014, I started to create Wellbeing   cards based on the detailed guidance I received from the places I was at.

You can choose a deck of cards that calls out to you for a reading. A reading is typically 45 minutes each and provides helpful hints, accurate understanding and steps to help you move forward with ease and an inspired outlook.

1. Amsterdam Deck: The theme of this deck is encouragement and intuition.
It can help you:
a. Understand and bring clarity
b. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

2. Malaysia Oneness Deck: The theme of this deck is focus.
It can help you:
a. Stop contemplating, take action
b. Use your mind to create the best version of you

3.Singing Singapore: The theme of this deck is progress.
It can help you:
a. Open up to yourself, others and your environment
b. Serve to remind you of who you truly are and therefore direct you towards progress.